About Us

Welcome to my world!
Who I am and what I do

My name’s Artur and I’m into fishkeeping. Have been for as long as I remember. My childhood home always had an aquarium in it.
As I was growing up, my enthusiasm was developing. The number of fish grew – and so did the number of the tanks. Didn’t take long until I had my first achievements as an aspiring fish keeper – successfully breeding more and more demanding species.


As time went by, I kept accumulating experience. My fish started winning prizes in various contests. As this hobby of mine was gradually taking over more and more of my time, I began to consider quitting my day job and making a next step into what was now becoming a full-fledged passion.
Together with my son we have founded the Cheapfish-Aquariums in 2016. Business grew quickly and just a couple months later we had a base of many loyal customers.

Moving forward

The ever-growing number of customers led to the ever-growing stock. Fish tanks, filters, lamps and decorations were taking an increasingly large amount of room in our home. Every month, new fishes would show up and necessitate acquisitions of new aquariums. Decision was made. Moving the business out of our home and into our own self-built store allowed us to significantly expand our offer and build a full wall of tanks for our fish.

Midland Aquatic Solutions

Along the way, one of our customers pointed out to us that the word cheap does not adequately describe our enterprise. Yes, both our merchandise and our fish carried attractive prices, but the quality we offered every day could not be considered cheap – more like good quality for a good price. We’ve organized a contest for a new name on our FB page and, thanks to the ideas offered by our fans, we soon rebranded ourselves under a more fitting name.
With the new name chosen and the store construction finished, came time to take care of our internet presence. A brand new online shop! One that will enable us to reach an even wider customer base across Ireland.


We continue to listen to our customers. It’s thanks to their information that we’ve learned about the difficulties facing marine aquarium owners when it comes to access to high quality products and supplements. Soon after, we’ve become Ireland’s sole exclusive distributor of the Aquaforest brand.
Aquaforest is a world-renowned manufacturer of equipment, salts and supplements, necessary for the proper maintenance of a marine aquarium, as well as all kinds of substrates and aquatic plant fertilizers for fresh water aquariums.